jonathan tan
is a photographer

Warp & weft is a project that investigates the gaze in its different forms through the intersection of photography and collaboration. Borrowing, transforming, and reinterpreting both documentary and fine art photography techniques, methods, & sensibilities in order to express the inherent multiplicity and interaction of the varying gazes that are previously invisible in photographic images.

Each project has been initiated by the photographer, and subjects are invited to ideate and collaborate within all parts of the process. Photographs made and displayed are combinations and/or permutations of (but not limited to) :
(1) images taken by the photographer,
(2) images taken by the subject,
(3) images sourced from the subject's archive,
(4) re-photographs — images made by either the photographer and/or the subjects are photographed again (likely in a different method)
(5) images taken by the photographer, manipulated by the subject.
(6) images presented in non-conventional photographic traditions.

The photographer explores novel ways to photograph the subject and abstract
the portraits and documents as a means to capture narratives or even ideas belonging of/to the subjects. The results are of play, chance, dialogue, & experiments and moves to change our conception of making a portrait and document. Expanding beyond traditional documentary lenses and even photography methods, both in capturing and presentation of the image.

In doing so, the role of the photographer is being challenged, deconstructed, perhaps rendered irrelevant, and forced to take on new meaning. 

This is an ongoing project with an expanding profile of individuals, with expanding surface within each portrait.

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Artists as subjects
Adil Arsad.
untitled #1
Johann Yamin.
untitled #1
Victoria Hertel.
untitled #1