jonathan tan    
is a photographer+artist
based in SIN.

stereographies/hidden in (plain) sight

is a photographic installation of printed photographs, a Nintendo DS game console, and ready-made furniture. The installation explores the interplay between avatars, portraits, spaces, and objects, captured or manipulated using both the Nintendo DS and digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR). Johann's body/avatar appears to traverse between the physical and digital realms, encountering various objects, animals, and spaces. By merging the game console and camera as photographic mediums, the installation combines real and imaginary perspectives, resulting in a transformative amalgamation of both.

Transparency on light box, lamp, Nintendo 3DS, table, framed digital prints
Dimensions variable

part of PJOC (Photo Journal Open call)
at NUS Museum

Curated by Wardah Mohamad