jonathan tan.
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based in SIN.


jonathan tan.
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photographer based in SIN.




29 digital photographs with text contributions

I remember a game I used to play as a kid with my friends. One of them was standing at the end of the schoolyard, his back facing the rest of us in the blazing sun. Red light, Green light. Should we go? The goal was to reach as fast as possible, but every time our friend turned around, we had to stop. If someone was caught moving, then it meant starting over. It was a game I enjoyed as a child.

Years later, we still play the same game. Same rules but with a new face – sexuality. Within the context of a conservative society, the exploration of sexual desires and emotions are being sidelined. Green light, Red light. Blinded by the fear of vulnerability, we feel overwhelmed with guilt. A deafening silence surrounds us. I have grown out of the game but as a society: where are we now?

Through a collection of individual narratives, Rhizome explores the notion of sexuality as a taboo in Singapore. Furthermore, the work invites the viewers to question their own beliefs and understanding of the complexities at stake.

The photographs are taken by both artist and the text are supplemented by subjects we interviewed for the project, they include both photographed subjects, interviewed subjects, & contribution from audiences about the public.