jonathan tan.
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based in SIN.


jonathan tan.
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photographer based in SIN.



birds of paradise

Digital photograph and text-based work

Dissecting/digesting Orhan Pamuk's museum of innocence (both the novel and the physical space), contending with the perceived importance of fiction and reality in the realm of meaning-making.  Creating divergent entry points through multiple texts, converging back on the image before shifting again. Objects and narrative, image and text, how we make meaning, and how much of reality is necessary for its creation.

An image of a flower (is not a flower) (a landing spot for butterflies) (little fragments/pollens) (attaches) (departs) (lands again) (another bloom) (same as the last) (is not the last) (pollinate) (germinate) (seed) (bloom) is not (an image of) a flower but an object/a lover's gift/a departure point/an entryway.