jonathan tan    
is a photographer+artist
based in SIN.

“who am i before your eyes? have you heard the pyramid song?” is a photography installation that incorporates a mixture of documentary, posed portrait, and abstracted photographs of Adil Arsad mounted on a wooden piece, partially submerged in bleach. The installation is encased in an acrylic case and bricks. It explores the concepts of nostalgic spaces of love and its grief by playfully experimenting with their materiality.

“Adil shows me the place(s) of his nostalgia.
I make pictures out of them
and he made sequins out of
my negatives.
I wondered if he made old things
new or made
new things

Digital print mounted on wood, acrylic, bricks, and bleach

part of PJOC (Photo Journal Open Call)
at NUS Museum
Curated by Wardah Mohamad